A Shared Passion for Music

We (Logan and Jenna) found a shared love for country music when we connected through Front Porch Music. Fans first, we spent a number of years with countless new songs, meeting artists, and interviewing. Curating playlists, sharing the newest in Canadian country music, and even creating a podcast to further elevate the voices of artists across Canada.

We set out to establish a community for musicians and fans to connect through Front Porch Music; what we didn’t know was our time in the music industry would also teach us that musicians need a place to connect to the business side.

That’s why we’ve developed mastered. We want to overcome the barriers preventing artists from connecting with the professionals they’re looking for. We envision a community where every musician, no matter where they are in their career, has the chance to thrive.

Think of mastered. as your one-stop shop for success. We connect passionate artists with music industry professionals – from producers to managers and to the people who know the ropes. It’s about building connections, fostering growth, and making that dream career a reality.

We believe in a level playing field.

Everyone deserves a shot, and everyone has the potential to make a splash. Here at mastered., we’re all cheering you on. If we play even a small role in your musical journey, well, that’s a perfect note for us.

So, are you ready to turn up the volume on your career? Let’s make some music!

Logan Miller and Jenna Weishar standing on the red carpet at the 2023 CCMA Awards

About Jenna

Jenna is a firm believer that music is the universal language that brings people together. A music junkie at heart, she often finds herself down the rabbit hole of new music for hours on end. As a key leader at Front Porch Music, Jenna’s created relationships with artists, media, managers, and more across the music industry. Always in search of a way to break down barriers and do more for the music industry, Jenna has spent a number of years integrating herself into the very space where the music industry can be the hardest – the careers of the emerging, independent artist. Learning from their experiences and supporting their careers in various ways, and understanding their struggles, is where the concept for one place where artists could find the exact experts they’re looking for originated.

About Logan

Embedding himself in the music industry early in his career, Logan is no stranger to the nuances of the business. Understanding the industry with a holistic lens, Logan has created and executed strategic marketing plans for musicians, festivals, and companies. As the founder of Front Porch Music + Marketing, what Logan has learned working with entrepreneurs and creatives over the years, is that doing your best work is what helps an artist to do their best work. What many independent and emerging artists struggle with is finding the right people to support their careers while also managing their limited resources. Creating a single trusted source for artists to rely on for growing their careers became integral in closing this gap.

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