Vendor Profiles

How long does it take for my profile to be approved?

Your profile will be available for viewing immediately after you’ve submitted. You must complete every required section of your profile in order to submit.

How do I become a “Verified Master”?

Masters who are well-known in the music industry with an exceptional track record are invited to become Verified Masters. Masters who are driving significant business through the platform will also be eligible to receive verification.

How long will it take for my listing to be visible on mastered.?

Listings are reviewed within 48 hours. If your listing meets all requirements, it will be approved and posted to mastered. Listings must include a number of details, including, title, category, price, and availability are all required fields. Remember, the more detail the better. Artists looking for your help will want to know as much as possible so they can select the best option for what they’re looking for.


How do I get paid through mastered.?

We’ve partnered with Stripe to ensure a seamless, secure end-to-end payment process is in place. You will receive all payments through Stripe. When you sign up for a mastered. Master account, you will be prompted to create a Stripe profile as part of the signup process. It will connect to your Master profile and you will be able to view sales, upcoming payments, and refund requests right in mastered.

How long does it take to get paid?

Once the order is marked as completed (by your client), you will be eligible to receive payment. The first payment may take up to 7 business days depending on your bank and Stripe’s payment policies. Once you’ve received your first payment, future payments will be made through Stripe within 2-3 business days of completion through the platform.


How do I view all orders (new, pending, completed)?

To see your pending and completed orders, you will first login to your mastered. account. Select your name dropdown and you will see “Orders”. You will see a notification when you have new activity for new or pending orders.

How do I decline an order?

When you’ve received an order you’re unable to fulfill, select the order, scroll to the bottom and hit the refund button. You will be asked to give a “reason”, which will be included on the cancellation message to the buyer. Once the order status is “Refunded”, the order has been successfully cancelled.

If someone has requested my services, but I don’t have a specific listing, what do I do?

You can create a custom listing for an Artist’s request. If your general listings do not fit the scope of work you will be doing for an Artist, create a listing with the specific details, and you can go back and remove or hide that listing once the work has been completed.

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